Seafarers Career Information System


From early on, since 1963, Cyprus has recognized the political, economic and social importance and importance of shipping. Since then, with the implementation of the right policy, governments have been able to attract many businessmen in the shipping industry to the island. Cyprus has evolved into a fully-developed shipping centre that combines a flag of prestige and credibility, and a domestic shipping industry renowned for its excellent quality services as well as high levels of safety. All this has been achieved despite the violent territorial and population segregation of the island.

Cyprus is one of the largest ship management centres in the world and Greek-owned shipping is the world’s leading fleet. Synergies regarding the use of existing data and the development of new electronic applications for maritime education and careers, particularly in times of economic crisis, are of the highest national importance for both countries. The development of maritime career information support system in order to provide a more reliable and faster service to the Seafarers and the entire maritime community is a necessity, but also an important perspective since the two countries share the top positions in the merchant navy for decades.

The Seafarers Career Information System (SCIS) incorporates the following:

- Digitization of the existing archive related to seafarers’ registry. 

- Interactive web application for seafarers and shipping companies. 

- The app enables registered seafarers to access the content of their digital file and upload information for training and seagoing service as well as changes in their personal information.

- All information entered by seafarers should be supported by documents submitted by them in digital format through the application. The information approved by an SDM official will be incorporated into the seafarer’s digital file.

- The application produced reports in the form of a CV that may be printed or shared with other persons or shipping companies. !